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CUB Policy Center Opportunities

For the last fifteen years, the CUB Policy Center has been providing educational and professional experience to students and interested individuals through the Education Opportunities Program. These positions help to support the projects of the CUB, and are key to developing the work and capacity of the organization.

Interested individuals should review and complete this application thoroughly. Please contact with your completed application, cover letter, resume, writing samples, and any other material for review. Positions are filled according to need and suitability, and required hours vary by project.


These opportunities are a one-of-a-kind way to become involved in the energy and environmental sector, gaining professional experience and expertise unmatched elsewhere in the state. From law clerks to interns, CUB's Educational Opportunities are a unique way to get involved with our organization and Oregon's energy sector.

To see if any positions are available, please check our openings page for details.

Eric Shaich Memorial Internship Program

For-Credit Internships

Information Research and Data Management Internship

Law Clerkship


Graduate Work


Volunteer Positions

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