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Sponsorships are available at varying levels for the 2016 CUB Policy Conference.

Contact Pamela White for more information at, or (503)227-1984 x10.

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CUB Policy Conference

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Online Registration is now closed. Same-Day Registration will begin at 7:15am on Friday October 14th in the 2nd Floor Foyer of the Downtown Portland Hilton.

Payment for conference fees will be accepted via check, credit card, or Paypal. Same-Day Registration fees are as follows:

  • Corporate: $350
  • Government/Self-Employed: $300
  • Nonprofit: $250
  • Student/Unemployed/Retired: $100
  • Consumer Champion's Ceremony & Reception ONLY (3:45pm-6:00pm): $35

  • The CUB Policy Center is pleased to announce its sixth annual policy conference. Futurists once dreamed that the 21st Century would bring great technological advances, and while we may not have flying cars, we do live in an age of 3D printers that make lungs, phones that have face to face capacity, and AIs that beat the best human chess players. Like the rest of the world, the energy industry is undergoing futuristic shifts as well: transitioning off coal, increasing renewables standards, electric/natural gas fueled vehicles, and the need for energy storage are no longer speculative - they’re here. So while the CUB conference usually looks at what is next in energy, we find that this year, being futuristic is…passé. Because whether or not we are ready: The Future Starts Now.

    Taking place on Friday, October 14, 2016 at the Downtown Portland Hilton, this conference will explore emerging issues in the utility sector. The program is specifically designed to educate utility analysts, policy analysts, attorneys, industry professionals, stakeholders, and others working in and around the energy industry.

    We anticipate offering Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits for this event. More Info on CLE accreditation and reading materials here.

    7:15-8:00am: Registration

    8:00-8:30am: Breakfast and Opening Presentation: The Future Is Here: What the %#&@ Are We Going to Do About It?

    Speaker: Bob Jenks Executive Director, Citizens’ Utility Board of Oregon

    8:30-9:45am: The View From The Top: A Conversation With NW Utility CEOs

    Panelists: Elliot Mainzer - Administrator, Bonneville Power Administration; Darrel Anderson - President and CEO, Idaho Power; David Anderson - CEO, Northwest Natural; Stefan Bird - President and CEO, Pacific Power; Jim Piro - President and CEO, Portland General Electric

    Moderator: Bob Jenks - Executive Director, Citizens’ Utility Board of Oregon

    9:45-10:00am: Break

    10:00–11:15am: Break-Out Session 1

      Topic 1: The Final Frontier: Has SB 1547 Changed Everything?

        Moderator: Steve Ernst - Editor, Energy NewsData's Clearing Up

        The passage of the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Act brings with it some big changes. The impact this landmark legislation will have on Oregon’s carbon emissions, renewable energy development, community solar, and electric vehicles remains uncertain. What is the role of natural gas in a 50% renewable energy mix? How will over- and under-generation be dealt with? How will it affect energy prices and what will be the impact on public power?

      Topic 2: Californication: What Do ISOs And EIMs Have To Offer The Northwest?

        Moderator: Jaime McGovern - Senior Economist, Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon

        The CAISO Energy Imbalance Market is taking off, with multiple northwest utilities climbing on board in rapid-fire succession. PacifiCorp is proposing to join the CAISO to make it a truly “regional” transmission operator. How do we ensure that this new regional market is managed fairly for all? Where does it leave BPA and the PUDS? What problems can an ISO solve, and what problems does it leave on the table?

    11:15–11:30am: Break

    11:30am–12:00pm: Midday Keynote

    Speaker: Lisa Hardie - Chair, Oregon Public Utility Commission

    12:00–12:45pm: Networking Lunch

    12:45–2:00pm: Break-Out Session 2

      Topic 3: Read My Lips: What Do Consumers Want?

        Panelists: ; Lauren Isaac - Director, Customer Program Support, Portland General Electric; Brad Reed - Communications Director, Renew OregonThad Roth - Residential Sector Lead, Energy Trust of Oregon; Lori Russell - Vice President, Utility Services, NW Natural

        Moderator: Janice Thompson - Advocacy Director, Citizens' Utility Board of Oegon

        As new technologies introduce more flexibility to the energy system, customers have access to more and more choices in how they interact with providers and the billing process, how they manage energy efficiency in the home, what renewable options they want to buy into, and so much more. What needs, desires and priorities are customers reporting today, and how are they affecting decisions in the industry? Our panelists will shed some light on this question by presenting insights culled from recent customer surveys.

      Topic 4: How Will Our Solar Garden Grow?

        Panelists: Jeff Bissonnette - Executive Director, Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association; Liz Jones - Former Assistant Attorney General serving the Minnesota Public Utility Commission (and new CUB staff attorney as of 9/4/16); Brendan McCarthy - Government Affairs Analyst, Portland General Electric; Julie Peacock - Senior Policy Advisor, Oregon Public Utility Commission

        SB 1547 paved the way for community solar programs, but much uncertainty hangs in the air, as the PUC continues to work on ratemaking rules as well as determining the resource value of solar power. What will community solar programs look like, and who will facilitate them? How do we ensure the 10% mandate for low-income participation is achieved?

    2:00–2:15pm: Break

    2:15–3:30pm: Break-Out Session 3

      Topic 5: Taking It To The Streets: At The Intersection Of Energy And Transportation

        Panelists: Jeff Allen - Executive Director, Drive Oregon; Bill Edmonds - Director, Environmental Policy & Sustainability, NW Natural; Jana Gastellum - Program Director, Climate, Oregon Environmental Council; Vivian Satterfield - Deputy Director, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon; Brian Spak - Manager, Customer Energy Solutions, Portland General Electric

        Moderator: Mike Goetz - Staff Attorney, Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon

        As our electric and natural gas utilities increasingly interact with the world of alternative fuels, we must understand how these fields will impact each other. Will cheap natural gas lead to a new generation of compressed natural gas vehicles? How does the low carbon fuel standard affect EV sales? Will electric vehicles help support the electric grid, or make it less reliable?

      Topic 6: A Brave New World: Rate Design For The New Reality

        Panelists: Bob Jenks - Executive Director, Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon; Carl Linvill - Principal, Regulatory Assistance Project; Lisa Schwartz - Energy Efficiency Team Leader, Electricity Markets and Policy Group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Joelle Steward - Director, Rates and Regulatory Affairs, PacifiCorp

        Moderator: Liz Jones - Former Assistant Attorney General serving the Minnesota Public Utility Commission (and new CUB staff attorney as of 9/4/16)

        Ratemaking for a traditional utility is fairly straightforward, but the outlook becomes more complicated with the addition of flexibility mechanisms and distributed resources. Does net metering require increasing fixed electric charges or adding demand charges to residential bills? Is time-of- use pricing necessary to fully integrate renewables? How does this impact energy efficiency? How do we fairly allocate the “joint and common” costs of the new modern utility?

    3:30 – 3:45pm: Break

    3:45 – 4:30pm: Award Ceremony: Consumer Champion Award

    Presenter: Steve Bloom - Commissioner, Oregon Public Utility Commission

    Honoree: Margie Harris - Executive Director, Energy Trust of Oregon

    Bringing our Clean Energy Future into Focus - Musings after Four Decades of Change Agent Work

      The Consumer Champion Award honors individuals who, through their industry leadership, policy innovations, and public service have contributed in a substantial way to the well-being of Oregon’s residential utility ratepayers.

      It is with great pleasure that CUB announces Margie Harris as the recipient of our inaugural Consumer Champion Award. With a B.S. in Natural Resources from University of Michigan, Margie’s long and prestigious career in energy conservation and policy making includes: helping to establish Portland specific energy conservation policies and programs, crafting Oregon’s first energy conservation legislation, promoting renewable energy at a regional level, and as the Energy Trust of Oregon’s first full time staff person and founding Executive Director, leading the ETO to a place of national significance. Throughout her tenure in our industry, Oregonians have benefited from her vision, her passion, and her leadership in establishing significant policies and programs that have both protected and benefited energy consumers.

    4:30 – 6:00pm: Consumer Champion's Reception

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