Providing thoughtful, sophisticated policy solutions on energy, climate and consumer issues.
The mission of the CUB Policy Center is to provide thoughtful, sophisticated policy resolutions and produce research that makes Oregon a national leader on energy efficiency policy, climate change solutions, renewable resource implementation and consumer awareness while providing educational opportunities to upcoming public interest professionals to share our knowledge and expand our capacities.

CUB is pleased to announce the theme of our sixth annual policy conference. Futurists once dreamed that the 21st Century would bring great technological advances, and while we may not have flying cars, we do live in an age of 3D printers that make lungs, phones that have face to face capacity, and AIs that beat the best human chess players. Like the rest of the world, the energy industry is undergoing futuristic shifts as well: transitioning off coal, increasing renewables standards, electric/natural gas fueled vehicles, and the need for energy storage are no longer speculative - they’re here. So while the CUB conference usually looks at what is next in energy, we find that this year, being futuristic is…passé. Because whether or not we are ready: The Future Starts Now.

Taking place on Friday, October 14, 2016 at the Downtown Portland Hilton, this conference will explore emerging issues in the utility sector. The program is specifically designed to educate utility analysts, policy analysts, attorneys, industry professionals, stakeholders, and others working in and around the energy industry. See more at the conference website!

CUB Executive Director Bob Jenks and Development Associate Samuel Pastrick recently sat down with Monica at MetroEast Community Media to discuss the CUB Connects program and CUB’s work in general. Check it out!

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